Posted by: huaglom | February 7, 2011


Happy Belated Lunar New Year! :) I was feeling ambitious and nostalgic towards rice (cakes), so we attempted to make a Chinese-styled dinner last Thursday. We adapted a dumpling recipe from RasaMalaysia and an Egg Foo Yung from AllRecipes. We even made the dumpling skin from scratch. Are you impressed?  Well, I am.

After much kneading and shaping (on my part), Kim and Shirley skillfully made them into these beautiful dumplings.      

Meanwhile, I munched on the broccoli.

Lots of fun … and lots of pots used. The dumpling wrap was kind of chewy, but I was pretty happy with the egg (is it even Chinese?). No one got food poisoning = success! Shirley even sat around and talked to us for a while after. :) In fact, she gave Kim and me 2 cute stuffed bunnies with suction cups! (It’s now the year of the rabbit.)

A good day. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Is Shirley not usually talkative?

  2. I wonder why I haven’t had my chicken, oily fried noodles and heavily-peppered intestine soup yet.

  3. @Abby: Shirley usually keeps to herself, so it was quite special to have her around. :)
    @Cherie: It sounds slightly appalling in English, but that definitely made my Chinese-Thai mouth water. :p

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